Religion and Politics

In case you haven’t heard, you should never discuss religion and politics—at least that’s the advice I and a multitude of other children were given growing up. Why not? You’ll most likely offend someone. You’ll even offend everyone if you go on long enough. What makes me nervous is that failure to speak up on an important subject merely to prevent offense can have terrible consequences. If you worked at a nuclear plant, and you saw that your lackadaisical coworker was about to cause a meltdown, you’d push him out of the way to avert the disaster, wouldn’t you, even if it meant offending him?

I think religion and politics can be as important as any other drastic life-or-death scenario. After all, the political bent of a particular nation has a strong influence on whether or not they seek war or peace with another nation. And if the “Christians” are right and theirs is indeed the “only true religion”, with non-adherents running the risk of eternal punishment, isn’t it better to get the word out and offend some people in order to save as many of them as possible?

I’ve wanted to start a blog for some time now because I feel there are certain important things that must be said—I only hope someone is listening. Don’t worry; I won’t try to beat any potential reader into agreement—at least not too hard—I’ll try to stick only to pointing out facts I’ve observed, questions I’ve asked, and conclusions I’ve drawn. I had considered writing only either my political or religious thoughts in order to remain relevant to a wider potential audience, but I have come to realize that I cannot separate one from the other. For me, my religious views are my political views, and vice versa. Each informs the other; pondering each causes me to ponder the other, sometimes with new insights I would have lacked had I focused exclusively on one. So, for better or worse, my posts will be about both, even if it means an audience so narrow that it only contains my wife and my mom.

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