I am a fervent seeker of Truth and Wisdom.

I believe the fullness of Truth and Wisdom are found in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, the Savior whom God sent into the world to be sacrificed in order that we fallen might be rescued from the consequences of our selfish disobedience. Any quest for Truth and Wisdom must start with Christ, be rooted in Christ, and lead back to Christ. This belief puts me in the camp of “Evangelical” Christians, although I acknowledge that fact with some reluctance as the Evangelical community has been a pitiful exemplification of Jesus and His love and mercy for even the vilest of sinners.

I am also a scientist; I believe there is an underlying logic to the universe that God has created and that observation of facts coupled with our capacity for reason will enable us to better understand the universe and the God who created it. I find the Truth and Wisdom discoverable by science to be in no way contradictory to that discoverable in the Bible or in Christ. And God said, Let there be light: And there was the Big Bang, an unimaginably violent eruption of the most blindingly brilliant light, an explosion of power as incomprehensibly awesome as the infinite power of God Himself. No scientific fact contradicts the Bible, although from time to time some scientific theories do; given enough time, however, additional facts have allowed the honest scientist to refine and even contradict such theories, and I am confident that this will continue to be the case.

I am also a student of history and politics, of theories of government in particular. God has created the universe not just with inviolable physical laws governing the motion of planets, not just with inviolable spiritual laws governing good and evil, but also with inviolable social and economic laws governing the interactions of people. These Natural Laws are not the arbitrary whim of a politician or a bureaucrat, but are woven into the fabric of the universe itself, as fundamental and unchangeable as gravity, just as discoverable through scientific observation, and just as deadly dangerous when ignored.

It is in this last arena that I believe my fellow Evangelicals have lost their way the most. Although like any other Evangelical I started out believing that the Republican Party was God’s presence in American politics, that the Party’s stance was as good as Gospel, my quest for Truth and Wisdom in the Bible and in my observation of facts has never stopped leading me further from that mindset. The more I dig, the more I discover that the Truth of Christ is libertarian in nature — “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” — and yet the application of Truth by Evangelicals is more often authoritarian in nature, and therefore in opposition to Christ Himself. The more I dig, the more convinced I become that the very notion of government is itself contradictory to the fundamental laws God built into the universe. This has led me, much to my surprise, to be not only a libertarian, but an anarchist — not an anarchist in the sense that I prefer a lawless chaotic war of all against all, but an anarchist in the sense that I simply believe that a society with no government — no “archy” — would ultimately be a safer, stabler society more in tune with God’s Natural Law than would any society under the control of any form of government.

I know this is a startling view, particularly to Evangelicals (indeed, only a few years ago I would have laughed in any anarchist’s face), but I actually find it, like science, to be in no way contradictory to the Truth and Wisdom found in Christ and the Bible. It is the concept of government — the notion that any person or organization should have exclusive authority to initiate force against whomever it wills, whenever it wills, for whatever purpose it wills, even when that organization is selected by majority vote — that I find contradictory to the Truth and Wisdom discoverable in Christ.

I will explore “Anarchristianity” and all of these other topics here in the Salt Mine, and although I certainly hope to change some minds from incorrect thinking, my intention is not to demand agreement from everyone — as I said at the beginning, I am only seeking Truth and Wisdom, and I recognize that there is Truth that I have yet to learn, perhaps from a potential reader of this blog, and perhaps that may radically alter my own thinking. In the meantime, as I continue to dig for more Wisdom, I will simply relate my findings to anyone interested in listening.

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